Dormant Society

A while ago, I read somewhere.. that half the problems of our society will be over if we just waited for a second, just for one single second we waited look around us, took a deep breath and then continued whatever it was. I am finally back to the city I was born in, its rustling with people all the time, the crowd, the continuous traffic and the flow of never ceasing life, its fun.. its make you wanna run through with them and live your life to the utmost, but at the same time you see people pushing through other people, sweating through their arms and head, breathing heavily and there is a distress in their eyes.

Everyone is working hard to achieve something, but it doesnt really feel like they are living? like a pin in the haystack there are still some who still have that little spark in their eyes, like they are going to achieve something today, something they want to achieve, for which they had an insatiable hunger for, but still.. the haystack is still at large where people are just chewing slowly through what the world offers them, be it a day to evening job, or some interview or even meeting their loved ones.. they are all restless, and not in a good way. Is this the life we as a human being should be looking forward to? as soon as we are capable of earning for our own living?

I know, a bit of how economy works, and how I as a person just dont have to earn for my own leisure but for my partners and my children and maybe even prepare a hefty sum so that my future generation doesn’t lack anything, moreover they have something to fall onto in dire times. Why is it like this? Why is it that we are constantly worried about our future generations? not just our future? if this goes on, then the richer would definitely keep getting richer and their future generations will keep getting richer, as they would keep earning more and more as to concrete the standings of their descendants, while the middle class would keep striving to live upto their limits and find some place to keep their head and have a roof.. while the ones who are poor would either wait for the hard to come opportunities or to just starve with what they have.. as there is no more places to buy as people are continuously taking up extra houses to be safe?

I wish we could change this society, the continuous rustling and restless society with a dormant one, where people just look towards the sky and smile, pay attention to the flowers and even the different kinds of leaves around them, and without any thoughts to hinder their creativity, make something out of their everyday life, something that they love, something they had dreamed of or seen somebody else do and wanted to do it too, not everyone has talents in everything but.. everyone is special and everyone has a skill to become something, I wanna appreciate creativity and let the imagination of all of humanity run wild, to become someone else, somebody new, everyday. What if, everyone had equal opportunities? and don’t get me wrong, we do now too, but its difficult to grasp them, everyone has an opportunity to become anybody, but they dont have a path to go through, they would have to carve their own path first.. I am just wondering, what if we didnt have to carve those paths, but just walk on them.. no matter who you wanted to be, be that.. while being unconcerned about your livelihood and your families livelihood, while there is no scarcity of roof above your heads but there is no roofs with no tenant beneath them? I know there is a saying, be the change you want to see in your society. So I will try to create something that could, atleast give people a new way of living, instead of running through metros and crowded places, where even the air is tired of living. It will take time, it will take years to plan. Yet, this would be my solace.



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